Best CD rates for Locking Up Cash for 5 Years to 2017

  Will the Fed’s Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) be a relic by 2017? It’s hard to say for sure, but it is a safe bet that you can do better in a 5-year CD right for the period than rolling over 6-month and one-year CDs at lowly rates. If your savings situation requires a 5-year time horizon,... Read More

Why investing in TIPS or Inflation-Indexed CDs can be tricky

  Are you considering trying to use inflation-indexed CDs or TIPS to hedge against inflation.   It sounds like a great idea. Invest in a CD or a Treasury, catch a nominal rate and watch your savings grow as the consumer price index soars sometime in the future.   The problem is that it doesn’t... Read More

NexBank – A Texas Bank with Above-Market CD Rates

  NexBank Capital, Inc. is a multi-faceted financial services organization that includes a FDIC-insured bank. In a ZIRP environment, this brick-and-mortar bank offers some online deposit rates that beat most of the competition in Texas.   The NexBank High-Yield Money Market Account offers a tiered-rate... Read More

Best 1-Year CD Rates for 2013

Yikes. It happens. You need to park cash and shares of Apple or Wal-Mart just won’t do the trick. But those 1% rate just don’t do much for you. If you have to park money for a set period of time – say a year – a certificate of deposit is still a good option. A bond fund can fluctuate... Read More

EverBank’s online CD rates

  An online bank with one of the coolest platforms is EverBank. The Jacksonville, Florida-based bank has been offering online CDs, money market accounts and checking accounts that rank in the top 5% nationally for over 5 years.   EverBank made a name for themselves with their high-rate intro... Read More

Best Banks CDs for 2011

2011 is here and CD investors are poised to start making some more money. If CDs suddenly come back in vogue, you can bet banks are going to bombard us with various rate offers, deals and new types of certificates of deposits. Before you take action, take a deep breath. You need to invest your CDs so... Read More

Banks Paying 3% or Higher on Certificates of Deposit

If you are looking for a bank paying at least 3% on your CD, you will have to pick a CD term of 7-years, 8-years, 10-years, 15-years or 20-years to find that rate. This is locking-up your money for quite a while, but your principal is guaranteed by the FDIC. You also have the advantage that if you need... Read More

CD Rate News: California Bank Raises CD Rates

Merry Christmas to savers in California, one of your local banks raised CD rates this week. The bank is Pacific Mercantile Bank based out of the Los Angeles and Orange County area. Pacific Mercantile Bank offers a full suite of online banking and online cash management services that can help customers... Read More