New Resource Bank: The green bank you are looking for

  Defining green banking can be tricky. Ideally, a green bank would make socially responsible loans.  It would be great if  the bank limited the impact of their buildings and operations on the environment.  We might also look for products and services that promote eco-friendly banking and reward... Read More

Why Reward Checking Rates will Hit 6% Again

By now you have probably heard of the high-yielding checking account that will pay you very high rates if you convert to online banking and use your debit card regularly. These deals can make a lot of sense if you carry a decent balance and can meet the monthly requirements. The only problem? Is is... Read More

An Internet-Only Bank for Green Bankers

Online checking account and online CDs are pretty easy to find. But if you are looking for an online checking account or CD from an internet-only bank with high rates and an easy online banking platform, your options are more limited. A new player, Incredible Bank, is on the scene with a good website... Read More

Who are the true Internet-Only Branchless Banks?

These days online banking is very common at FDIC banks. Customer can log-in and access their account information, transfer money and pay bills. In fact, if your bank does not offer online banking they are living in the past. But what is true green banking? Is it good enough to just have online access.... Read More

$50 Cash and an Eco-Friendly Bank Checking Account

Earning a little cash and converting to green banking is easy. Plenty of banks are offering great rates or free cash for going online with your banking activities. Here’s a great February deal from a green bank. Bank: ING Direct Offer: Free $50 for opening a new online checking account Requirements:... Read More

Free Cash Offer from New York Bank for Opening a Checking Account

Do you live in New York and need a cool $150? Flushing Bank makes it pretty easy to earn the bonus by opening a new account with their bank and setting up a few banking services. Is it a lot of work to set up a new bank account? No, not really. You can visit or branch and get the job done in one day.... Read More

New York Bank offers free iTunes credits with checking account

Solvay Bank in New York has a checking that pays something even more exciting than an interest rates. Free iTunes credits If you open a new checking account at Solvay Bank with at least a $15 deposit, you instantly earn $20 in iTunes credits on your Solvay Bank debit card. Every month you can earn... Read More

A 5% Cash Debit Card Offer

Bank Deal of the Day: Cash Back Debit Card Offer from PerkStreet Financial What makes a cash-back offer on a debit card a financially smarter option than a cash back offer on a credit card? Easy. You save money. With a credit card, you may be adding unnecessary debt and paying finance charges on... Read More