Exciting Green Banking News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  Beneficial Bank in Philadelphia opened two new branches with eco-friendly designs aimed at improving energy efficiency.   Eco-conscious highlights include:   •       Heating systems that have a 93 percent efficiency rating and reduce energy consumption 13 percent greater than current energy... Read More

World’s Greenest Bank in 2013: Don’t Ask Bloomberg

      Bloomberg is out with its list of the World’s Greenest Banks but the ranking really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.   To even be considered for the list, a bank had to be part of a major stock market index and boast a market cap of at least $10B. At the end of the day, Bloomberg... Read More

The Leaders in Green Banking for 2013

  Green banking is a term that can be thrown around pretty loosely but to be a member of the Global Alliance for Banking Value a bank has to back it up. Criteria for inclusion: 1) The entity needs to be an independent and licensed banks with a focus on retail customers. 2) A minimum balance sheet of... Read More

Powerhouse Global Bank Proving Green Banking Can Work

  Triodos Bank says it saw a 16% increase in lending to sustainable businesses and projects during 2012. The global bank increased its customer base by 23% and profits by 31%. Part of the influx of business for the bank is attributed to the rash of negative news on large investment banks such as Goldman... Read More

Taking Green Banking to the Next Level

  If you want to find green banks that are serious about changing the face of banking,  check out the Global Alliance for Banking on Values. The energetic organization is an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable development and support environment-friendly practices. Member... Read More

3 Green Banks to Watch in 2013

  Tired of the antics of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan, and the rest of the greedy-leaning Wall Street banks? Does the thought of depositing your money at a bank that does some a few things along the paths to churning out profits? Don’t sweat it. Just ignore the multi-million dollar... Read More

Green banking article from Business Insider

  The mainstream press largely ignores the green banking initiative or if it does cover the topic relegates to a “go green” with online banking slant.   A prime example of this was when Bloomberg pulled out Goldman Sachs as one of the “greenest” banks in the world.   But... Read More

Regions Bank’s news green banking ad

  Regions Bank makes a push to promote its green banking products:      Read More