World’s Greenest Bank in 2013: Don’t Ask Bloomberg

      Bloomberg is out with its list of the World’s Greenest Banks but the ranking really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.   To even be considered for the list, a bank had to be part of a major stock market index and boast a market cap of at least $10B. At the end of the day, Bloomberg... Read More

Solar Powered ATMs launched by UAE Bank

  The National Bank of Abu Dhabi becomes the first bank in the United Arab Emirates to install a solar-powered ATM for use by customers. The bank has an ultimate goal to install solar-powered ATMs in all its 110 branches and add another 430 solar-powered stand alone ATM machines.  Read More

The Highest Savings Rates on Cash Accounts for 2013

  Needless to say high savings rates are impossible to find in this low-rate environment mandated by the Federal Reserve. Savers can still beat the rates offered by their local banks or brokerage firms for cash if they consider the following options:   I-Series Bonds - Theses savings bonds issued by... Read More

3 Green Banks to Watch in 2013

  Tired of the antics of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan, and the rest of the greedy-leaning Wall Street banks? Does the thought of depositing your money at a bank that does some a few things along the paths to churning out profits? Don’t sweat it. Just ignore the multi-million dollar... Read More

Green Bank joins $1 billion club

  A significant milestone for green banking was achieved when Green Bank in Texas (link) passed the $1 billion in assets mark. Hitting the psychologically-important barrier should help assure shareholders and customers that sustainable banking at a larger scale remains possible.   From the... Read More

China’s slow move to green banking

  China’s government has made a lot of noise about green banking, but where does the nation really stand in its initiative to improve the environmental and social impact of the banking industry. The following report gives a man-on-the-street analysis of green banking in China:   Source:... Read More

Online banking in Mexico soars

  The analysts at Comscore issue a detail report on online banking in Mexico showing strong growth for online banking services.   From the ComScore report:   The study found that nearly 3 million online users in the country visited banking websites during June 2011, reaching nearly 15... Read More

Will the new ING Direct be green?

There has been a of speculation about the direction of ING Direct after Capital One Bank moved to acquire the online bank. It’s not that Capitaon One Bank has been so awful, but ING Direct blazed a trail as a leader in online banking innovations. Capital One Bank, on the other bank, is known for... Read More