The Highest Savings Rates on Cash Accounts for 2013

  Needless to say high savings rates are impossible to find in this low-rate environment mandated by the Federal Reserve. Savers can still beat the rates offered by their local banks or brokerage firms for cash if they consider the following options:   I-Series Bonds - Theses savings bonds issued by... Read More

Why investing in TIPS or Inflation-Indexed CDs can be tricky

  Are you considering trying to use inflation-indexed CDs or TIPS to hedge against inflation.   It sounds like a great idea. Invest in a CD or a Treasury, catch a nominal rate and watch your savings grow as the consumer price index soars sometime in the future.   The problem is that it doesn’t... Read More

Bank deal: win $1,000 from SmartyPig

  One of the best ways to reach a savings goal is to open an account at SmartyPig.   Why?   SmartyPig makes setting up an online savings program easy. All you have to do is go online, set a savings goal and link your current checking or savings account. You can start with as little as... Read More

Investing your cash in 2011

  The Federal Reserve is not letting savers off the hook anytime soon with higher interest rates. This leaves investors with a problem. How can they invest their cash safely, yet still get the highest rates available?   It’s not easy, but here are few places to look to park cash and a... Read More

SmartyPig announces new Android banking app

Breaking news today from the folks at SmartyPig. They have developed a mobile application for Android phones that is now available for download. In case you are not aware, SmartyPig offers a high-yielding FDIC-insured savings account that can be publicized to help make savings goals a reality. Here’s... Read More

Higher bank rates from green banks are coming

Are you tired of banks offering lousy rates on your deposits? A couple of factors are going to push up rates on CDs, money market accounts, savings accounts and checking accounted offered this year. It will not be the nation’s largest banks leading the pack, but the smaller online green banks... Read More

Today’s 5 Best Online Savings Accounts

Comparing online savings account can be tricky. Should you go with the bank with the highest rates or the bank with best fee structure? An online bank you have never heard of or a large well-known national bank? No to mention the difficulty in evaluating the social responsibility of the bank you plan... Read More

Where to Invest Cash in 2011

Where to park cash today? That is the question for many savers. It’s a pretty tough choice, when interest rates are barely high enough to cover the increase in the cost of living. Keeping all your money in one bank or one product doesn’t provide enough diversification to protect against... Read More