Best 1-Year CD Rates for 2013

Yikes. It happens. You need to park cash and shares of Apple or Wal-Mart just won’t do the trick. But those 1% rate just don’t do much for you. If you have to park money for a set period of time – say a year – a certificate of deposit is still a good option. A bond fund can fluctuate and stocks are too dicey if you need your funds on a particular day. A CD will pay interest and remains FDIC-insured for your short holding period.

If you are looking to lock up your money in 2013 to pay for a major expense at the end of the year consider these high-paying banks:

Highest rates on 1-year CDs from FDIC-insured banks

Doral Bank Direct, $1,000 minimum deposit, 1.10% APY, link

CIT Bank, $500 minimum deposit, 1.10% APY, link

Colorado Federal Savings Bank, $5,000 minimum deposit, 1.05% APY, link

Ally Bank, $1 minimum deposit, 1.02% APY, link

Alostar Bank of Commerce, $1,000 minimum deposit, 1.01% APY, link

State Bank of India, $10,000 minimum deposit, 1.00% APY, link

More CD rates:


Banks listed are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor. Check with bank for terms and conditions including policies for early withdrawal.

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