Reward Checking Accounts in Texas

If everything is bigger in Texas, does that mean checking account rates are higher? Maybe not, but there are plenty of good reward checking accounts offered by Texas-based FDIC-insured bank. Just to refresh, reward checking accounts offer a top-tier rate for meeting preset monthly requirements in your checking account. Typically, these requirements include online banking , online bill payment and the use of a debit card. Reward checking accounts are eco-friendly because they encourage more online transactions and less paper transactions. If you do not meet the monthly requirements or exceed the maximum balances the APY will drop for that portion of your balance. So who has good reward checking accounts in Texas? You can start with the five banks listed below.

Best Reward Checking Accounts in Texas

1. Texas Citizens Bank

Highest available rate = 5.01% APY for qualifying balances


2. Founders Bank

Highest available rate = 4.26% for qualifying balances


3. Incommons Bank

Highest available rate = 4.25%


4. R Bank

Highest available rate = 4.13%


5. Legend Bank

Highest available rate = 4.09% APY


Banks listed on Green Bank Report are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor.

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