Eco Banking in San Francisco

Green Bank Report

There are more than a  few good reasons to use New Resource Bank if you are a small business in the San Francisco area. First, the bank is committed internally and externally to energy efficiency. New Resource Bank is on a green mission to lower their own carbon footprint with an ambitious IT energy reduction program and conservation program within their bank operations. Outside of the bank, New Resource Bank caters to businesses that are involved in green technology and delivers highly personalized customer service to their loan clients.

Sounds good, but what can you do to support this green bank if you live outside of San Francisco, California? New Resource Bank offers online banking and highly competitive deposit rates. If you open up one of their “Solar CDs” your funds are used to finance solar projects. Now that’s green banking.

Rate today for a deposit of at least $2,500 include:

1-year CD at 0.55% APY

2-year CD at 0.85% APY

3-year CD at 1.25% APY

5-year CD at 1.70% APY

New Resource Bank is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor. For more information about New Resource Bank and their unique philosophy on banking watch the short video below:

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