Finding an Eco Bank in England

Are there any green banks in the United Kingdom?

Of course.

One of the leading internet-only banks in the world, Egg, is based in England. Egg might not sound like a bank at all, but the truth is that Egg is an online financial superstore offering:

Credit cards

Savings accounts


Motor insurance

Home insurance

Investment accounts (partnering with Citi)

The Egg savings account even pays a rate higher than most online savings account in the United States. The low-minimum deposit account is yielding 2.50% gross pa/AER. Of course, FDIC-insurance does not apply to a bank in England, but if you live in the United Kingdom or know someone living in the United Kingdom consider banking with Egg as an eco-friendly alternative to large multi-branch non-sustainable banks.

Are you aware of another bank in London, England or the United Kingdom that is an example of a green bank? Let Green Bank Report know by emailing us at Thanks.

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