Green Mutual Funds Outperformed Market in 2009

A non-profit group called the Social Investment Forum came up with a startling relevation about socially-conscious mutual funds. Funds with a green mission actually performed better than most mutual funds in 2009! Imagine, investing green and coming out ahead ethically and financially. Without further ado, here is what the report said:

The verdict on SRI mutual fund performance is in:  A review of 160 socially responsible mutual funds from 22 members of the Social Investment Forum (SIF) finds that the vast majority of the funds — 65 percent — outperformed their benchmarks in calendar year 2009, most by significant margins.

These SRI funds topped benchmarks across nearly all asset classes, including balanced, large cap, small cap and global funds, as well as bonds.  The performance data that was analyzed by the Social Investment Forum covered all of 2009 and was provided by an independent third party, Thomson Reuters.

Will 2010 be even better for social funds? Stay posted to Green Bank Report for continued coverage of green mutual funds.

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