World’s Leading Sustainable Banks Join Together

When banks get together and form an alliance we normally assume that this is a bad thing.

Higher fees?

Lower deposit rates?

Perhaps tougher borrowing standards?

These are the types of outcomes we expect when banks collude. Profits come first, right?  Not always.  A global organization has formed called the Global Alliance for Banking on Values that is an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable development for people, communities and the environment. If you support green banking, then you will love the commitment of this group. Member banks include:

  • Alternative Bank
  • Banca Etica
  • BRAC
  • GLS Bank
  • Merkur Bank
  • Mibanco
  • New Resource Bank
  • ShoreBank
  • Triodos Bank
  • XacBank

Each member is distinguished as a socially-aware, eco-friendly bank. As a group, we hold out hope they can do even more to promote green banking and worthy sustainable banking practices. The benefit to us of having a self-policing consortium of ethical banks is that they can keep help each other on the right path. For more information on the Global Alliance for Banking on Values you can watch the short video provided below:

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