The Best New iPad Banking App

SmartyPig is the name of the social savings account where savers can organize and share their savings goal to help meet a financial target. Deposit are held at BBVA Compass Bank and are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per single owner. The site makes it easy to publicize your savings goal, so that friends and family can choose to contribute and follow your progress. When you reach your savings goal, you have the option to receive cash-back offers from major retailers.

The new mobile banking application from SmartyPig works on an iPhone, iPad or iTouch.  The reasons it is the best mobile banking application to date are two-fold. First, because of the social nature of SmartyPig it has great synergy with on-the-go updates on your savings goals and plans. The normal banking app typically just replicates the online banking experience. Sure it is quick and convenient to pay a bill by phone or get a bank balance, but most mobile banking apps can’t leverage social networking like the SmartyPig app can. This makes it useful for the ambitious saver.

The current rate on the SmartyPig savings account is 1.35%. Of course this is not a rate that will knock your socks off, but it ranks among the highest online savings account rates  in the country. The big investment kicker with the SmartyPig account comes with the retailer discounts, cash-back offers and donations that can be solicited online. If you are planning for a big event like a wedding or special vacation or are just saving up for some merchandise like a computer or appliance, the SmartyPig mobile banking app can help you on your way. Look for more mobile banking apps to be feature-laden, but until then there is a leader in the clubhouse.

Features of SmartyPig mobile banking application

  •  Add money to a goal
  • Pay a friend by adding money to their goal
  • Transfer funds from one goal to another
  • Get goal balances, details and transaction history
  • Review important account activity message notifications
  • Setup a secure 4-digit passcode for quick and easy access
  • Post a comment to your linked Facebook and Twitter accounts

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