Green Banking Special: SmartyPig Savings Account


Online banking equals green banking. And banks that offer incentives to convert consumers from branch banking to online banking are true green banks. Count SmartyPig, deposits and FDIC insurance coverage via BBVA Compass Bank), as a green bank. The online SmartyPig savings account offers an easy way to set up a savings goal. Recurring monthly savings contributions from your existing account can be set up to automate the process of making your savings contributions. Best of all, social networking tools allow you to publicize your savings goals and potentially raise funds from friends and family. Whether you make your savings goals public or private, SmartyPig offers a disciplined savings program that is environmentally-friendlier than passbook savings accounts or CDs from branch banks. If you have a savings goal, consider the SmartyPig savings account as your green choice.


1.75% APY for balances up to $50,000

0.50% APY for balances above $50,000


  • $25 minimum opening deposit
  • $10 minimum monthly recurring deposit
  • No account fees
  • Cash bonus from select retailers (as high as 12%) for reaching savings goal
  • Social networking plugins

FDIC Insurance Coverage:

BBVA Compass Bank


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