Taking Green Banking to the Next Level

  If you want to find green banks that are serious about changing the face of banking,  check out the Global Alliance for Banking on Values. The energetic organization is an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable development and support environment-friendly practices. Member banks all have the following three qualities:   1. Independent and licensed banks with a focus on retail customers. 2. Minimum balance sheet of... Read More

Bankers: You can’t live with them-you can’t live without them — part II

Lending money, or what we today call banking, has been with us since the earliest days of every civilization including Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and India. The Romans added the concept of accepting deposits and probably were the first to give a toaster to each new customer. Lending money for profit has fueled every human and societal expansion. For better or worst, our world would not be what it is today if there hadn’t been someone willing to take... Read More

Union First Market Bank launches mobile banking offerings

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The Basics of Green Banking

Did you say you want to be friendly to the environment when you bank? Did you say you are tired of dealing with banks with no social awareness? Look no further. Green Bank Report has outlined the basics of green banking and what you can do to bank green. Here it is in seven easy steps: 1. Go Online It really is quite simple. Online banking = additional conservation of energy and natural resources Paying bills online, remote deposit, online fund... Read More