China’s slow move to green banking

  China’s government has made a lot of noise about green banking, but where does the nation really stand in its initiative to improve the environmental and social impact of the banking industry. The following report gives a man-on-the-street analysis of green banking in China:   Source: CSR Asia   The public is starting to show an interest in the financial ramifications companies face because of poor environmental standards and/or... Read More

While global interest rates move higher, savers in U.S. remain punished

  As Ben Bernanke continues to justify ultra-low interest rates in the U.S, central banks across the world continue to increase their own domestic interest rates. The most significant rate increase in 2011 was when the European Central Bank increase rates for the first time since 2008. With the best savings rates in the U.S. barely over 1%, it’s small wonder that savers wonder what they have did wrong to deserve such paltry rates while... Read More

Hang Seng Bank brings green banking to China and Hong Kong

One of the biggest benefits to society of green banking is bringing banking services to the rural poor. China and India are two countries that have a large  part of their population with limited access to financial services. Green banking in India has improved significantly due to the efforts of State Bank of India (SBI). Now it looks like a Hong Kong-based bank, Hang Seng Bank, will boost green banking in China. The bank already  operates a mainland... Read More

The Future of Green Banking is Bright

If you follow bank stocks, you might have heard the recent news that some of the largest banks in the country are planning to raise their dividends for shareholders and buy back more shares to prop up their stock price.  Instead of reinvesting in programs to benefit the community and the environment, these banks are aiming to reward executives and insiders who own boatloads of shares. Does this news mean we are returning to the days of selfish and... Read More

China, Clean Energy and Green Banks

Could Communist China be a leader in ethical banking? Seems like an odd mix, but there is some evidence to suggest that China is moving towards to increasing financing clean energy initiatives through private banks and government programs. In terms of clean energy as a percentage of GDP, China actually ranks fairly high globally. Certainly higher than many would expect for one of the world’s largest polluters. Of course, banking in China... Read More