Urban Partnership Bank: Making a difference in Chicago, Cleveland and Detroit

  Let’s face it every bank in the country says that they make a difference in their local community. You could even say that, to a degree, this is true. Ever since Congress passed the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) in 1977,  every bank is expected to help borrowers at all income levels in their local communities.   But there is a big difference between complying minimally with the regulations set forth by regulators (including the... Read More

The FDIC and Green Banking

The FDIC has their hands full these days. Over 250 banks have failed in the last two years and another 700 to 800 are reported to be on the FDIC’s list of “troubled” banks. The FDIC has to figure out how to pay for all those bank failures without bankrupting the insurance fund or tapping U.S. taxpayers for more money. The FDIC is also in the middle of the power struggle between the Federal Reserve and Congress over financial... Read More