Eco Friendly Bank Set to Launch in Chicago

When you think of Chicago, there are a few things that come to mind right away. - Great museums - The Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks - Polish Sausage - And the skyscrapers and stores along the Magnificent Mile Now, after February 1st, Chicago is also going to be known as a city with a strong green banking option for consumers looking for a bank with a social conscious. GreenChoice Bank is being launched as the “Midwest’s first holistically... Read More

Eco Banking in San Francisco

There are more than a  few good reasons to use New Resource Bank if you are a small business in the San Francisco area. First, the bank is committed internally and externally to energy efficiency. New Resource Bank is on a green mission to lower their own carbon footprint with an ambitious IT energy reduction program and conservation program within their bank operations. Outside of the bank, New Resource Bank caters to businesses that are involved... Read More

The Best Online Checking Account Features from Green Banks

Online checking accounts are a great way to convert to green banking and do your part to help the environment. Before signing up for an online checking account, you should compare and contrast several different checking accounts to make sure your banking decision is a wise one. To help your task, Green Bank Report has prepared a checklist of what to look for in an online checking account. 1. Online Banking This one is pretty obvious, but take a... Read More

Finding an Eco Bank in England

Are there any green banks in the United Kingdom? Of course. One of the leading internet-only banks in the world, Egg, is based in England. Egg might not sound like a bank at all, but the truth is that Egg is an online financial superstore offering: Credit cards Savings accounts Mortgages Motor insurance Home insurance Investment accounts (partnering with Citi) The Egg savings account even pays a rate higher than most online savings account in... Read More

ShoreBank Pacific: Eco-Max Money Market Account

Eco Bank ShoreBank Pacific is a bank that has made a strong commitment to the environment, their local community, and developing sustainable building. If you are looking for a bank that may be think like you do, this could be the bank for you. ShoreBank describes themselves as…. ShoreBank Pacific is the first commercial bank in the United States with a commitment to environmentally sustainable community development. We believe that long-term... Read More