Will Socially Progressive Banking Continue at Wainwright Bank?

The acquisition of Wainwright Bank by Eastern Bank was finalized this week by regulators. As far as mergers go, this one is important in the world of green banking. Wainwright Bank has distinguished themselves as an eco-friendly and socially progressive bank. They are involved in community projects, offer green banking products to consumers and award their Social Justice Awards to help promote worthwhile endeavors. The bank has been a leader in... Read More

What is Green Banking?

Green Banking isn’t easily defined, but we will try. How about any form of banking that benefits the environment? A rather broad definition that works for us. Green banking can benefit the environment either by reducing the carbon footprint of consumers or banks. Either works. Same with paper. Either a bank or a consumer can conserve paper and benefit the environment. Ideally, a green banking initiative will involve both. Online banking is... Read More