Bankers: You can’t live with them-you can’t live without them — part II

Lending money, or what we today call banking, has been with us since the earliest days of every civilization including Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and India. The Romans added the concept of accepting deposits and probably were the first to give a toaster to each new customer. Lending money for profit has fueled every human and societal expansion. For better or worst, our world would not be what it is today if there hadn’t been someone willing to take... Read More

Who are the true Internet-Only Branchless Banks?

These days online banking is very common at FDIC banks. Customer can log-in and access their account information, transfer money and pay bills. In fact, if your bank does not offer online banking they are living in the past. But what is true green banking? Is it good enough to just have online access. After all, this saves paper and carbon emissions. What about banks that are brick-and-mortar, but have online divisions with a separate online presence... Read More

Will Socially Progressive Banking Continue at Wainwright Bank?

The acquisition of Wainwright Bank by Eastern Bank was finalized this week by regulators. As far as mergers go, this one is important in the world of green banking. Wainwright Bank has distinguished themselves as an eco-friendly and socially progressive bank. They are involved in community projects, offer green banking products to consumers and award their Social Justice Awards to help promote worthwhile endeavors. The bank has been a leader in... Read More

San Francisco Bank Commits to Green Banking Practices

Looking for a green bank that is serious about helping the environment? New Resource Bank, based out of the San Francisco-area, may be the answer. Although the bank received their FDIC charter back in 2005, it is still a relative newcomer to green banking.  New Resource Bank has a core focus on entrepreneurs, professional services firms, and developers, in addition to their pledge to support non-profit and community projects. New Resource Bank... Read More

What Makes an Environment-Friendly Bank?

It’s not easy to define green banking. On one hand, banks are always going to try and make profits at the expense of anyone or anything. But on the other hand, there are banks in the United States and across the world that have made a commitment to adopt environment-friendly practices. The Five Tenets of Green Banking 1. Environmental Perspective for Investments and Loans 2. A Commitment to Ethical Banking Relationships 3.Promoting Green... Read More