Oil, Economics and Bank Growth will lift CD Rates in 2011

Did you know there is an interest rate war going on? It’s true. In one corner you have Wall Street, Ben Bernanke and all the consumers still burdened with mortgage and credit card debt at floating rates. They love low rates and want the party to continue.  In the other corner, you have a growing number of politicians, economists and savers who see the risks of holding interest rates artificially low as growing by the day. They point to the... Read More

The Green Economy

August Economic Update The U.S. economy was supposed to be well on its way to full recovery by now. It’s seems a lifetime ago, but it was only a few months ago that talk about inflation and economic growth was raising the issue of interest rates increases by the Federal Reserve. Instead, the Fed has kept interest rates close to 0% in an attempt to kickstart economic growth, jobs,  and consumer spending. The threat of double-dip recession,... Read More