The Greenest Bank in England?

Are you looking for a green bank in the United Kingdom? If you want to bank eco-friendly, one bank to watch is the online division of HSBC Bank found at Savings accounts, mortgages, credit cards, insurance and loans are all offered from first direct’s website. Rates and fees on cheque accounts are competitive with brick-and-mortar banks in the U.K. Another reason to take a look at first direct is a green banking incentive... Read More

Global Interest Rates are Increasing

If you live in the United States or England you may not believe, but higher interest rates are already here. A rash of interest rate hikes by central banks has lifted commercial and personal interest rates on loans, deposits and mortgages across the world. Led by interest rate increases in China, South Korea and Australia in recent months, the overall trend for higher interest rates globally is becoming firmer. The discrepancy between rates in different... Read More

The Co-operative Bank: Eco-Friendly Credit Card Deal

Green credit cards are not quite as common as one might think. Well, at least what we call truly “green” cards. There are a lot of cards that used the nomenclature green, but are not actually eco-friendly or provide any benefits to the environment. If you live in England, Wales or Scotland you do have the chance to use a truly green card card. This card is called the Co-Operative Friends of the Earth Flat-Rate Card and can be opened... Read More

Finding an Eco Bank in England

Are there any green banks in the United Kingdom? Of course. One of the leading internet-only banks in the world, Egg, is based in England. Egg might not sound like a bank at all, but the truth is that Egg is an online financial superstore offering: Credit cards Savings accounts Mortgages Motor insurance Home insurance Investment accounts (partnering with Citi) The Egg savings account even pays a rate higher than most online savings account in... Read More