EverBank’s online CD rates

  An online bank with one of the coolest platforms is EverBank. The Jacksonville, Florida-based bank has been offering online CDs, money market accounts and checking accounts that rank in the top 5% nationally for over 5 years.   EverBank made a name for themselves with their high-rate intro offers on checking and money market accounts that guaranteed an intro-rate for a set period of time. Frequently, the intro-rate was the highest rate... Read More

Who are the true Internet-Only Branchless Banks?

These days online banking is very common at FDIC banks. Customer can log-in and access their account information, transfer money and pay bills. In fact, if your bank does not offer online banking they are living in the past. But what is true green banking? Is it good enough to just have online access. After all, this saves paper and carbon emissions. What about banks that are brick-and-mortar, but have online divisions with a separate online presence... Read More