$50 Cash and an Eco-Friendly Bank Checking Account

Earning a little cash and converting to green banking is easy. Plenty of banks are offering great rates or free cash for going online with your banking activities. Here’s a great February deal from a green bank. Bank: ING Direct Offer: Free $50 for opening a new online checking account Requirements: To earn the $50 bonus, customers must activate an Electric Orange MasterCard Debit Card and use the card to make at least 3 signature-based... Read More

Free Cash Offer from New York Bank for Opening a Checking Account

Do you live in New York and need a cool $150? Flushing Bank makes it pretty easy to earn the bonus by opening a new account with their bank and setting up a few banking services. Is it a lot of work to set up a new bank account? No, not really. You can visit or branch and get the job done in one day. Think of it this way, the $150 bonus is the roughly the equivalent of setting up a 2-year CD for $1,000 at a bank with a rate of 7.5%. If any bank... Read More

A 5% Cash Debit Card Offer

Bank Deal of the Day: Cash Back Debit Card Offer from PerkStreet Financial What makes a cash-back offer on a debit card a financially smarter option than a cash back offer on a credit card? Easy. You save money. With a credit card, you may be adding unnecessary debt and paying finance charges on the purchases you make. If you use a cash back debit card, you can stay within your budget and avoid paying those finance charges, late fees and annual... Read More

Win Free Cash for Converting to Online Banking

Scott Valley Bank is offering customers a chance to win $50 if they enroll for eStatements before September 3, 2010. If you decide to go to paperless statements and enrollĀ  for eStatements, you will receive monthly email updates notifying you when your monthly statement is ready to be viewed. You are also entered into a contest to win the $50 free cash. Quite simple. This offering from Scott Valley Bank is a perfect example of how “Green... Read More