Exciting Green Banking News from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  Beneficial Bank in Philadelphia opened two new branches with eco-friendly designs aimed at improving energy efficiency.   Eco-conscious highlights include:   •       Heating systems that have a 93 percent efficiency rating and reduce energy consumption 13 percent greater than current energy standards •       LED and CFL light bulbs that reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent •       Ceiling tiles made of 65 percent pre-consumer... Read More

Green Banks: Paper and Paperless

  A guest post for Green Bank Report by: Ian Lifshitz, Sustainability & Public Outreach Manager, Asia Pulp and Paper   Sustainability is a concept many consumers embrace, however it’s more difficult to apply to the financial services industry than their own lives. Most financial institutions today provide financial information and statements online, but still offer the option of receiving paper bills. While online statements offer... Read More

New Resource Bank: The green bank you are looking for

  Defining green banking can be tricky. Ideally, a green bank would make socially responsible loans.  It would be great if  the bank limited the impact of their buildings and operations on the environment.  We might also look for products and services that promote eco-friendly banking and reward customers who bank green. That’s not really a definition, but to paraphrase a famous Supreme Court decision……. we will know a green... Read More

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  You can now receive all the latest green banking news delivered straight to your email inbox. We do no sell your email address or insert advertising into your email news. We just deliver the facts and latest news on eco-friendly banking, bank technology, bank rates and the green banking movement. Don’t miss any new developments in this exciting  area of personal finance.   Enter your email address:  Delivered by FeedBurner        Read More

BancVue is bringing green banking to a bank or credit union near you

  In a perfect world all of the banks in the U.S. would be socially responsible. They would charge reasonable fees, pay decent interest rates on deposits and offer lending lines to worthwhile projects in their local community. That just doesn’t seem like it is asking too much.   But apparently it is. We know that social responsibility in banking has been lacking and we have the giant tax bill and investment losses to prove it. Just... Read More

Green Banking deals that pay

A bank that is a friend of the environment and offers great deals for customers is the best of both worlds. Just imagine making extra money and banking eco-friendly at the same time. It might be easier than you think. More and more green banks are offering incentives, rate deals and special offers to their customers. If you don’t believe us, just keep reading. These are green banks deals that really pay. Earn money for banking green: Citizens... Read More

The Best Bank Rates vs Pi

If you remember your math, you might remember that the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is a constant numeric value called Pi. This ratio is one of the most important numbers in the universe and is essential to calculations in math, science and engineering. 3.141592653589793 In addition, the becoming a number that is learned by billions of kids, Pi just happens to be a pretty good rate of return these days on a bank CD... Read More

Free iPad from Las Vegas, Nevada Bank

Green banking in its most simplest form is all about conservation. Energy, paper, and water can all be conserved by consumers and banks. The push for electronic statements is a great way to start. Why receive paper statements, when we can receive our bank statements electronically? Signing up for e-statements with your bank is usually pretty easy. Typically, an email reminder can be sent to notify you that your online statement is ready. If you... Read More

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