The FDIC and Green Banking

The FDIC has their hands full these days. Over 250 banks have failed in the last two years and another 700 to 800 are reported to be on the FDIC’s list of “troubled” banks. The FDIC has to figure out how to pay for all those bank failures without bankrupting the insurance fund or tapping U.S. taxpayers for more money. The FDIC is also in the middle of the power struggle between the Federal Reserve and Congress over financial... Read More

Green Banking in Malaysia

HSBC Bank is making some significant green banking promises with their banking division in Malaysia. For every HSBC Bank BusinessVantage account that is opened, HSBC will donate RM10 and 4.5% from its Keyman & General Takaful contribution to WWF Climate Change projects to save the environment in Malaysia.  ank with us for a sustainable future. So this sounds like a great eco-friendly banking deal if you live or do business in Kuala Lumpur,... Read More

Are Solar Powered ATMs Coming to a Bank Near You?

Bank ATMs are almost an absolute requirement for all populated areas. Think hard, can you drive or walk more than one mile around your city without seeing an ATM? Probably not. So where are the solar-powered ATMs? Unfortunately, not in the United States. Banks that have invested capital in solar-powered ATMs include: State Bank of India (India) IndusInd Bank (Mumbai) Both of  these banks have used solar-powered technology to bring banking services... Read More

Green Banking from a New York Bank

Beacon Federal is multi-state FDIC-insured bank based out of East Syracuse, New York. The bank is offering a couple of bank deals with more than a hint of green banking in them. The state of New York is not known as a hotbed of eco-friendly banking, so here at Green Bank Report we will reach a little bit in reporting on green bank deals in New York. Beacon Federal is running a holiday sweepstakes promotion until December 15th, 2010 where eight $500... Read More

What is the Meaning of Green Banking?

Defining green banking is relatively easy. It means promoting environmental-friendly practices and reducing your carbon footprint from your banking activities. This comes in many forms. Using online banking instead of branch banking. Paying bills online instead of mailing them. Opening up CDs and money market accounts at online banks, instead of large multi-branch banks. Or finding the local bank in your area that is taking the biggest steps to... Read More

What is Green Banking?

Green Banking isn’t easily defined, but we will try. How about any form of banking that benefits the environment? A rather broad definition that works for us. Green banking can benefit the environment either by reducing the carbon footprint of consumers or banks. Either works. Same with paper. Either a bank or a consumer can conserve paper and benefit the environment. Ideally, a green banking initiative will involve both. Online banking is... Read More

The Green Economy

August Economic Update The U.S. economy was supposed to be well on its way to full recovery by now. It’s seems a lifetime ago, but it was only a few months ago that talk about inflation and economic growth was raising the issue of interest rates increases by the Federal Reserve. Instead, the Fed has kept interest rates close to 0% in an attempt to kickstart economic growth, jobs,  and consumer spending. The threat of double-dip recession,... Read More

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