Best Banks CDs for 2011

2011 is here and CD investors are poised to start making some more money. If CDs suddenly come back in vogue, you can bet banks are going to bombard us with various rate offers, deals and new types of certificates of deposits. Before you take action, take a deep breath. You need to invest your CDs so that you can maximize your income. To that end, here’s what you should avoid when buying a CD this year: Bump-Up CDs A lot of the biggest banks... Read More

San Francisco Bank Commits to Green Banking Practices

Looking for a green bank that is serious about helping the environment? New Resource Bank, based out of the San Francisco-area, may be the answer. Although the bank received their FDIC charter back in 2005, it is still a relative newcomer to green banking.  New Resource Bank has a core focus on entrepreneurs, professional services firms, and developers, in addition to their pledge to support non-profit and community projects. New Resource Bank... Read More

GreenBank Certificates of Deposit

Product: GreenBank Certificates of Deposit Rates: 7-31 day CD 0.50% APY 1 month CD 0.50% APY 3 month CD 0.50% APY 6 month CD 0.50% APY 1 year CD 1.00% APY 2 year CD 1.50% APY 3 year CD 1.75% APY 4 year CD 2.00% APY 5 year CD  2.25% APY Features: Minimum opening deposit is $1,000 Location: 6 branch offices in Texas FDIC# 27144 Website:  Read More