Green banking article from Business Insider

  The mainstream press largely ignores the green banking initiative or if it does cover the topic relegates to a “go green” with online banking slant.   A prime example of this was when Bloomberg pulled out Goldman Sachs as one of the “greenest” banks in the world.   But we did find one website that produced a high-quality green banking article.   The folks at Business Insider produce a steady stream of... Read More

LEED-certified bank building set to launch

  Energy efficiency and cost management is making green branches a reality in different parts of the country. PNC Bank and TD Bank were two of the early leaders in the green banking space. Now comes GreenChoice Bank with a LEED bank branch in Chicago. Look for more banks to jump into the green building wave with either retrofitted branches or new LEED-certified branches.     from GreenChoice Bank’s press release:   GreenChoice... Read More

Higher bank rates from green banks are coming

Are you tired of banks offering lousy rates on your deposits? A couple of factors are going to push up rates on CDs, money market accounts, savings accounts and checking accounted offered this year. It will not be the nation’s largest banks leading the pack, but the smaller online green banks that offer the best rate deals. Here’s why it will happen sooner than you might think: 1. Economics, inflation and deficits The fundamentals... Read More

The Future of Green Banking is Bright

If you follow bank stocks, you might have heard the recent news that some of the largest banks in the country are planning to raise their dividends for shareholders and buy back more shares to prop up their stock price.¬† Instead of reinvesting in programs to benefit the community and the environment, these banks are aiming to reward executives and insiders who own boatloads of shares. Does this news mean we are returning to the days of selfish and... Read More

5 Green Banks to Watch in 2011

Are there any ethical banks out there anymore? You might not think so with how badly the reputation of banking in general has been trashed the last couple of years. However, Green Bank Report has identified five banks that ethical and socially-progressive . We are talking about the kinds of banks where an individual can open an account and know that their funds on deposit are helping fund worthy sustainable or eco-friendly projects. Or at the very... Read More

Eco Friendly Bank Set to Launch in Chicago

When you think of Chicago, there are a few things that come to mind right away. - Great museums - The Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks - Polish Sausage - And the skyscrapers and stores along the Magnificent Mile Now, after February 1st, Chicago is also going to be known as a city with a strong green banking option for consumers looking for a bank with a social conscious. GreenChoice Bank is being launched as the “Midwest’s first holistically... Read More

New Midwest Green Bank Close to Opening

GreenChoice Bank is a FDIC-insured bank that is set to open their doors in the Chicago, Illinois area sometime later this year. The highlight of the bank launch will be the unveiling of the headquarters¬† in Green Exchange building in downtown Chicago. GreenChoice executives have already announced many of their green banking initiatives including: Green loans for energy-efficient projects Higher rates on checking accounts, savings accounts, and... Read More