State Bank of India brings banking to rural areas

  More great news this week from State Bank of India. The bank, long-entreched as a green banking leader, is bringing more banking services to the rural poor in India.   Details from the State Bank of India press release:   State Bank of India on Saturday said it will open over 5,000 green channel counters (GCCs) this year.   Speaking on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the nation’s largest lender at its headquarters,... Read More

Banks are adding new green branches

  2011 is only five months old, but already more green bank branches have been built this year than in any other year. The green building boom is partially attributable to the bottom-line savings that green branches can deliver as energy costs soar higher and higher. Look for more green branches to be built in the second half of the year as more banks catch wind of the positive results from building green are publicized.     Chicago... Read More

The Future of Green Banking is Bright

If you follow bank stocks, you might have heard the recent news that some of the largest banks in the country are planning to raise their dividends for shareholders and buy back more shares to prop up their stock price.  Instead of reinvesting in programs to benefit the community and the environment, these banks are aiming to reward executives and insiders who own boatloads of shares. Does this news mean we are returning to the days of selfish and... Read More

The Best iPhone and iPad Banking App (Asia)

If you live in the United Kingdom or United States you may not be fully aware of how cool of a bank Standard Chartered is turning into. First, their sustainability program is pretty sophisticated. Standard Chartered has issued environmental policy papers and started green initiatives. To date, Standard Chartered is reported to have provided more than $4.2 billion across all segments of the renewable energy market including: energy efficient equipment... Read More

Global Interest Rates are Increasing

If you live in the United States or England you may not believe, but higher interest rates are already here. A rash of interest rate hikes by central banks has lifted commercial and personal interest rates on loans, deposits and mortgages across the world. Led by interest rate increases in China, South Korea and Australia in recent months, the overall trend for higher interest rates globally is becoming firmer. The discrepancy between rates in different... Read More

OneWest Bank and State Bank of India Raise CD Rates

If you are a CD saver looking for higher CD rates there is some good news. Wait for it…….. Higher CD rates are here. At least at a few select banks. In the last month, yields on Treasuries ranging from 2-years to 30-years have increased. * 2-year Treasury increased from 0.48% to 0.63% * 3-year Treasury increased from 0.76% to 1.02% * 5-year Treasury increased from 1.47% to 1.98% * 10-year Treasury increased from 2.88% to 3.37% * 30-year... Read More

Standard Chartered’s Banking App for iPhones, iPads and Android Phones

Have you heard about Breeze by Standard Chartered Bank? It is one of the best mobile banking apps available. Currently available on an iPhone and iPad, Breeze is expected to be available for download for Android-powered phones in 2011. What does it do? Quite simply, everything you need a mobile banking platform to do. Inside the iPhone and iPad application you can: 1. Easily transfer money while on the go. 2. Use the calendar to see all the transactions... Read More