Will the new ING Direct be green?

There has been a of speculation about the direction of ING Direct after Capital One Bank moved to acquire the online bank. It’s not that Capitaon One Bank has been so awful, but ING Direct blazed a trail as a leader in online banking innovations. Capital One Bank, on the other bank, is known for offering above-market CD rates to raise deposits, that the bank then uses for its large credit card operations. Not really green, but not the most... Read More

Green Banking deals that pay

A bank that is a friend of the environment and offers great deals for customers is the best of both worlds. Just imagine making extra money and banking eco-friendly at the same time. It might be easier than you think. More and more green banks are offering incentives, rate deals and special offers to their customers. If you don’t believe us, just keep reading. These are green banks deals that really pay. Earn money for banking green: Citizens... Read More

5 Green Banks to Watch in 2011

Are there any ethical banks out there anymore? You might not think so with how badly the reputation of banking in general has been trashed the last couple of years. However, Green Bank Report has identified five banks that ethical and socially-progressive . We are talking about the kinds of banks where an individual can open an account and know that their funds on deposit are helping fund worthy sustainable or eco-friendly projects. Or at the very... Read More

$50 Cash and an Eco-Friendly Bank Checking Account

Earning a little cash and converting to green banking is easy. Plenty of banks are offering great rates or free cash for going online with your banking activities. Here’s a great February deal from a green bank. Bank: ING Direct Offer: Free $50 for opening a new online checking account Requirements: To earn the $50 bonus, customers must activate an Electric Orange MasterCard Debit Card and use the card to make at least 3 signature-based... Read More

Green CD rates: Finding the best eco-friendly CDs

One misnomer about green banking is that depositors at a green bank are sacrificing finding the best CD rates by using an eco-friendly bank.  Not true at all. Green banks tend to pay higher deposit rates than many of the largest banks in the United States. Why? A strong online banking platform, energy-efficient operations and lower customer acquisition costs are just a few of the reasons that green banks are easily beating the national averages... Read More

Go Green with Paperless Checking from ING Direct

ING Direct is one of the leading banks in the country when it comes to promoting their online banking services. What separates ING Direct from the pack may be the Electric Orange Checking Account. Why? Try these features on for size: 1. Interest rates that rank in the top 1% of all FDIC-insured banks 2. The Electric Orange Checking Account is a truly “green” checking account because it is a paperless checking. 3. A full suite of online... Read More

ING Direct Electric Orange

Electric Orange is a checking account without the paper. You can do everything – pay bills, mail a paper check, make a secure deposit directly into someone’s account, transfer money – securely online at ingdirect.com. And with your Electric Orange Debit Card, you can access cash at ATMs worldwide or make purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. You’ll even receive all communications from us electronically.  Read More