Citibank launches a slick iPad app

    The iTunes gets more mobile banking apps every day. Apps from U.S. Banks and global banks. Apps for iPhones and iPads. The latest: A new mobile banking app released from Citi for iPad owners. From the Citi press release:   Furthering CEO Vikram Pandit’s vision to become the world’s digital bank, Citibank today unveiled its first-ever consumer banking app designed specifically for iPad. Citibank for iPad® provides U.S.... Read More

Banks giving away free iTunes songs with checking accounts

  Have you heard about banks and credit unions that offer free iTunes songs instead of paying interest? If you haven’t you should run the numbers because the free songs can actually add to a good rate of return.   Assuming you or someone in your family downloads songs, shows, games or other media from iTunes from every month anyway, let’s take a look at an example.   Say you keep $1,000 in your checking account balance.... Read More

Banking safely with an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

  There is no question that mobile banking can help you save money and time. Paying bills, transferring funds and receiving banking alerts by your mobile device can improve your personal financial management. You shouldn’t be scared off by the talk of the security risks of mobile banking, but you should be careful. Here are three things to think about before you sign up for mobile banking.   1. Wifi connectivity   Surfing the... Read More

What’s next for banking with an iPad 2

  The iPad 2 is here along with mind-boggling sales figures. Reviews are good. Sales are good. And the number of apps being developed is skyrocketing. So what does all this mean for banking with an iPad? After all, isn’t checking account balances, finding ATMs and transferring money about the same on an iPad as a computer, laptop, Android-phone, Blackberry or other device?   The answer is no. Banking on an iPad is already easier than... Read More

Mobile Banking with an iPad is Awesome

There really is no other way to say it. The difference between mobile banking with my Droid phone and my iPad is just enormous. First, I can easily see transactions, history, balances and other account information. Viewing data , tables and charts on a tablet is just way easier. Second the apps designed for the iPad seem to conform easier to the size of the screen and layout. It just looks tighter and more organized. I tried mobile banking apps on... Read More

The Best iPhone and iPad Banking App (Asia)

If you live in the United Kingdom or United States you may not be fully aware of how cool of a bank Standard Chartered is turning into. First, their sustainability program is pretty sophisticated. Standard Chartered has issued environmental policy papers and started green initiatives. To date, Standard Chartered is reported to have provided more than $4.2 billion across all segments of the renewable energy market including: energy efficient equipment... Read More

New York Bank offers free iTunes credits with checking account

Solvay Bank in New York has a checking that pays something even more exciting than an interest rates. Free iTunes credits If you open a new checking account at Solvay Bank with at least a $15 deposit, you instantly earn $20 in iTunes credits on your Solvay Bank debit card. Every month you can earn another $5 of free iTunes credits by keeping your debit card busy and receiving your statements online. This is a green banking deal that is a win-win.... Read More

The Best New iPad Banking App

SmartyPig is the name of the social savings account where savers can organize and share their savings goal to help meet a financial target. Deposit are held at BBVA Compass Bank and are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per single owner. The site makes it easy to publicize your savings goal, so that friends and family can choose to contribute and follow your progress. When you reach your savings goal, you have the option to receive cash-back offers from major... Read More

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