TD Bank is going for the green

  TD Bank is one of the leading banks in the U.S. in promoting green banking. On February 18, 2010, at a press conference in Farmingdale, N.Y., the bank announced that they had become carbon neutral and unveiled a plan to construct greener buildings, lower energy consumption, and make a significant investment in renewable energy from sources like wind, solar and low-impact hydro power.   TD Bank does not have bank branches, they have... Read More

Use Green Loans for the Best Rates on Home Improvement Loans

Here is an important question: Can you get a rate reduction on a loan for adding wind, solar, geothermal or pellet sources of energy to your home? If you use a green bank, then the answer is yes. Franklin Savings Bank, a FDIC-insured bank in Maine, is one such green bank. Franklin Savings Bank is rewarding anyone who is starting an energy efficiency project at their house with lower rates than they would find on a standard home improvement loans.... Read More