World’s Greenest Bank in 2013: Don’t Ask Bloomberg

      Bloomberg is out with its list of the World’s Greenest Banks but the ranking really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.   To even be considered for the list, a bank had to be part of a major stock market index and boast a market cap of at least $10B. At the end of the day, Bloomberg only considered 62 large global banks out of a banking universe of thousands.   For the record, Citigroup topped the Bloomberg list.   Looking... Read More

3 Green Banks to Watch in 2013

  Tired of the antics of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan, and the rest of the greedy-leaning Wall Street banks? Does the thought of depositing your money at a bank that does some a few things along the paths to churning out profits? Don’t sweat it. Just ignore the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns of the big banks and take a look at these three below-the-radar banking gems.   1. Silicon Valley Bank Make no mistake Silicon... Read More

Green banking article from Business Insider

  The mainstream press largely ignores the green banking initiative or if it does cover the topic relegates to a “go green” with online banking slant.   A prime example of this was when Bloomberg pulled out Goldman Sachs as one of the “greenest” banks in the world.   But we did find one website that produced a high-quality green banking article.   The folks at Business Insider produce a steady stream of... Read More

Green bank backs solar developer finance firm

  New Resource Bank gets a lot of coverage on Green Bank Report, but it’s deserved. If Wells Fargo or Bank of New York was supporting green energy projects, we would write about them too.   Here’s the latest green endeavor from San Francisco’s leading green bank as described in its press release:   New Resource Bank has approved a $3 million line of credit for Adam CapitalClean Energy Asset Finance LLC. The funding... Read More

New Resource Bank: The green bank you are looking for

  Defining green banking can be tricky. Ideally, a green bank would make socially responsible loans.  It would be great if  the bank limited the impact of their buildings and operations on the environment.  We might also look for products and services that promote eco-friendly banking and reward customers who bank green. That’s not really a definition, but to paraphrase a famous Supreme Court decision……. we will know a green... Read More

Banks that support solar power

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi The National Bank of Abu Dhabi has over one hundred branches throughout the United Arab Emiartes (UAE) bringing banking services to people throughout the UAE. The bank is committed to green banking and sustainable principles and expects to become a signatory of the Equator Principles in 2011. As part of their green mission, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi launched the UAE’s first solar-powered ATM earlier this... Read More

Higher bank rates from green banks are coming

Are you tired of banks offering lousy rates on your deposits? A couple of factors are going to push up rates on CDs, money market accounts, savings accounts and checking accounted offered this year. It will not be the nation’s largest banks leading the pack, but the smaller online green banks that offer the best rate deals. Here’s why it will happen sooner than you might think: 1. Economics, inflation and deficits The fundamentals... Read More

The Future of Green Banking is Bright

If you follow bank stocks, you might have heard the recent news that some of the largest banks in the country are planning to raise their dividends for shareholders and buy back more shares to prop up their stock price.  Instead of reinvesting in programs to benefit the community and the environment, these banks are aiming to reward executives and insiders who own boatloads of shares. Does this news mean we are returning to the days of selfish and... Read More

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