5 Green Banks to Watch in 2011

Are there any ethical banks out there anymore? You might not think so with how badly the reputation of banking in general has been trashed the last couple of years. However, Green Bank Report has identified five banks that ethical and socially-progressive . We are talking about the kinds of banks where an individual can open an account and know that their funds on deposit are helping fund worthy sustainable or eco-friendly projects. Or at the very... Read More

World’s Leading Sustainable Banks Join Together

When banks get together and form an alliance we normally assume that this is a bad thing. Higher fees? Lower deposit rates? Perhaps tougher borrowing standards? These are the types of outcomes we expect when banks collude. Profits come first, right?  Not always.  A global organization has formed called the Global Alliance for Banking on Values that is an independent network of banks using finance to deliver sustainable development for people,... Read More

San Francisco Bank Commits to Green Banking Practices

Looking for a green bank that is serious about helping the environment? New Resource Bank, based out of the San Francisco-area, may be the answer. Although the bank received their FDIC charter back in 2005, it is still a relative newcomer to green banking.  New Resource Bank has a core focus on entrepreneurs, professional services firms, and developers, in addition to their pledge to support non-profit and community projects. New Resource Bank... Read More

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