Green Banks: Paper and Paperless

  A guest post for Green Bank Report by: Ian Lifshitz, Sustainability & Public Outreach Manager, Asia Pulp and Paper   Sustainability is a concept many consumers embrace, however it’s more difficult to apply to the financial services industry than their own lives. Most financial institutions today provide financial information and statements online, but still offer the option of receiving paper bills. While online statements offer... Read More

Cash Bonus from Branchless Online Bank

If you care about the environment, you should consider an online-only bank.  It’s that simple. No branches = less carbon emissions, less paper and less fuel emissions Now to be clear, there are truly online bank that have absolutely no branches (think Bank of Internet or Virtual Bank) or there are online divisions of banks that handle deposit or loan accounts online. BankOn is the latter. It is the online division of Pinnacle Bank, a brick-and-mortar... Read More