LEED-certified bank building set to launch

  Energy efficiency and cost management is making green branches a reality in different parts of the country. PNC Bank and TD Bank were two of the early leaders in the green banking space. Now comes GreenChoice Bank with a LEED bank branch in Chicago. Look for more banks to jump into the green building wave with either retrofitted branches or new LEED-certified branches.     from GreenChoice Bank’s press release:   GreenChoice... Read More

PNC Bank’s Online Money Management Account

Maybe you have seen the PNC Bank Virtual Wallet ads that are running online, on TV and in print. At first glance, they can seem very gimmicky. We don’t even know for sure exactly what product is being advertised. However, behind the glitz is a very useful bank account that blends online banking and money management perfectly. Not to mention all the environmental benefits of being a truly green bank account. PNC Bank is one of the largest banks... Read More

PNC Bank Opens A Green Branch in Ohio

Energy Efficient Banking PNC Bank is one of the larger banks in the country by assets and deposits, but that has not stopped the bank from being a leader in the green banking initiative. This month, PNC Bank announced the debut of their new Green Branch in the Cleveland, Ohio-area. The branch will be the first green certified building in the region according to bank officials. PNC’s Green Bank Features: - Branch materials are over 20% from... Read More