State Bank of India brings banking to rural areas

  More great news this week from State Bank of India. The bank, long-entreched as a green banking leader, is bringing more banking services to the rural poor in India.   Details from the State Bank of India press release:   State Bank of India on Saturday said it will open over 5,000 green channel counters (GCCs) this year.   Speaking on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the nation’s largest lender at its headquarters,... Read More

Banks that support solar power

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi The National Bank of Abu Dhabi has over one hundred branches throughout the United Arab Emiartes (UAE) bringing banking services to people throughout the UAE. The bank is committed to green banking and sustainable principles and expects to become a signatory of the Equator Principles in 2011. As part of their green mission, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi launched the UAE’s first solar-powered ATM earlier this... Read More

5 Green Banks to Watch in 2011

Are there any ethical banks out there anymore? You might not think so with how badly the reputation of banking in general has been trashed the last couple of years. However, Green Bank Report has identified five banks that ethical and socially-progressive . We are talking about the kinds of banks where an individual can open an account and know that their funds on deposit are helping fund worthy sustainable or eco-friendly projects. Or at the very... Read More

OneWest Bank and State Bank of India Raise CD Rates

If you are a CD saver looking for higher CD rates there is some good news. Wait for it…….. Higher CD rates are here. At least at a few select banks. In the last month, yields on Treasuries ranging from 2-years to 30-years have increased. * 2-year Treasury increased from 0.48% to 0.63% * 3-year Treasury increased from 0.76% to 1.02% * 5-year Treasury increased from 1.47% to 1.98% * 10-year Treasury increased from 2.88% to 3.37% * 30-year... Read More

Is State Bank of India Too Large To Be a Green Bank?

State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest bank in India with assets of over $300 billion. The bank traces roots back to the British Empire. Today, in addition to hundreds of branches in India, SBI has bank operations in another thirty countries across the globe including a FDIC-insured bank in the United States with branches in New York and California. Can a bank this large ever be considered a green bank? Well they can certainly try. And State Bank... Read More