NexBank – A Texas Bank with Above-Market CD Rates

  NexBank Capital, Inc. is a multi-faceted financial services organization that includes a FDIC-insured bank. In a ZIRP environment, this brick-and-mortar bank offers some online deposit rates that beat most of the competition in Texas.   The NexBank High-Yield Money Market Account offers a tiered-rate structure that tops out at 0.50% APY for +$100K, with no fees for accounts that maintain a $10K minimum. Certificates of deposit issued by the bank... Read More

Green Bank joins $1 billion club

  A significant milestone for green banking was achieved when Green Bank in Texas (link) passed the $1 billion in assets mark. Hitting the psychologically-important barrier should help assure shareholders and customers that sustainable banking at a larger scale remains possible.   From the Green Bank press release:   Green Bank, N.A. has now reached $1 billion in total assets, raising its profile in Texas and placing it in the top... Read More

Banks giving away free iTunes songs with checking accounts

  Have you heard about banks and credit unions that offer free iTunes songs instead of paying interest? If you haven’t you should run the numbers because the free songs can actually add to a good rate of return.   Assuming you or someone in your family downloads songs, shows, games or other media from iTunes from every month anyway, let’s take a look at an example.   Say you keep $1,000 in your checking account balance.... Read More

Reward Checking Accounts in Texas

If everything is bigger in Texas, does that mean checking account rates are higher? Maybe not, but there are plenty of good reward checking accounts offered by Texas-based FDIC-insured bank. Just to refresh, reward checking accounts offer a top-tier rate for meeting preset monthly requirements in your checking account. Typically, these requirements include online banking , online bill payment and the use of a debit card. Reward checking accounts... Read More